Hi everyone!  I know that purchasing a piece of work without actually seeing it and holding it may be intimidating at times.  Therefore, I want to give you an idea of what my art will look and feel like when you receive it.

I mostly paint in layers.  I'll finish one layer with paint, then add another layer of paint and colors, and possibly add more on top of those layers until I believe the painting is complete.  

I sometimes use marks (ex: circles and shapes) on each layer with heavy paint.  You will sometimes see and feel those marks underneath and on the final layer of the painting.  I love this process of building and use it quite often in my work.  I believe it adds to the uniqueness and quirkiness of my art! 

I occasionally use a combination of translucent and solid paint.  You may notice "see through" marks and colors underneath other colors. This adds depth and interest to the painting!

I have tried my best to take high resolution photos to show some of those marks and layers showing through the final piece.  Please view all photos and read description.

My shapes and marks are organic, spontaneous and usually do not have straight clean lines.

The back of the paper may have some paint "splotches" due to accidental smearing or rubbing on table.  Also, any paper painting may not be completely flat due to some buckling from layering.

Finally, I paint for fun.  I paint because it makes me happy and brings me joy. It is my hope that when you purchase a painting, you will fall in love with every brush stroke, every mark, and every detail the painting offers.  I also hope that you experience the same joy that is put forth into each piece!

If you have any questions about my art before you purchase, please email me at kjoynerart@gmail.com.